About us

About us

Gentlemen Edge is an Online Suit Store in South Africa that provides Gentlemen from all fields of business with exclusive men's wear. Gentlemen Edge offers a wide range of sophisticated suits in South Africa. Smart suits, Wedding suits, Grooms suits, Formal wear for any occasion. We believe that Gentlemen are made through inspiration that causes hard work, sacrifice and struggle to attain their goals in life. As a result, these privileged men that are Gentlemen of inspiration and success who deserve to wear the best of the best of tailor made suits what are fit for leaders.


When the classical tradition of tailoring is considered, each one of our garments is a perfect expression of the contemporary fashion notion succeeding by combining creativity and research. In line with the industrial production logic, we have achieved to feature the quality that was previously determining just for the elite market.


The careful check of the raw materials and production process, design methods based on tailoring, classical but also innovative models, and attention to details, etc. are the elements determining our range of products.

Our target is to expand the range of products from the classic wear to accessories, considering only the quality and authenticity that are always our ideals.


Our Suits are the keystones of privileged men’s wardrobe. You should pay attention to these points in order to wear your suit for years.


A suit can be worn for years if it is maintained properly. The basic principle which should not be forgotten is: a suit should not be worn two consecutive days. Suits which are made of s clothes such as 100’s, 120’s, 140’s, and 150’s should be worn by letting them rest. Woollen clothes start to deform in hot environment because wool is a living organism.